Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ever since having read in the biker's blogs about a Cyclocomputer also known as Cycle-Computer, wanted to get one and accessorize the bike. According to one of the blogs it was available only in UP and had to buy through post.So, had temporarily dropped the idea.
But then, had been last week to the popular RR Cycle Mart in Ulsoor somewhat famous among the Bangalore bikers where I came across 2-3 models of the cyclocomputer. (Address - Its next to the Ulsoor Police Station, its a oneway so one has to go around to come to the proper road and find the shop)
I'd gone for the gloves but instead got lured by the cycle-computer although its kinda basic one. Has got 11 functions. The major being - Current Speed, Max Speed, Avg. Speed, Odometer and Trip Distance.
Costed me 900 bucks. Got it assembled from the shop on the ACT-105 i've got (the magnetic sensor's fixed on a spoke of the front wheel and the magnetic strip on the forck transfers it through the wire to the display device mounted on the handle bar, the display device is detachable though) and did a trial check on the way home, was impressed.
The only things lacking are caloriemeter and GPS (not so important though). But, within my constrained budget I think this was good enough.
Have used it while biking to work since then. Gives you a whole picture about your fitness and the areas you need to pull your socks on. And a fair idea about the pattern and figures while pedalling.
So, i think its kinda useful as it gives a scope of self-improvement. Needless to say, gadgets are wonderful. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Native..

Well the beauty of the place speaks for itself..

View from inside the Shikara..

A Houseboat on the Horizon

The cruise through the backwaters is something special. Whenever i land up in my native, i make sure that i take one of those. It just rejuvenates you.
There are so many inland waterways including small and big canals that you can go on for three full days n still not cover the entire thing. Foreigners come with 2-3 days charted in their itenary and end up spending at least a week here.
The Houseboats are a bit costly as there is business churned out of it, so one has to be careful before going for the deal.

The Narrow Canals..Its refreshing cruising thru 'em

A Toddy Shop - This is a familiar site enroute

Karimeen and Lobsters available at the Toddy shop

The lobsters and the karimeen are just delicious to say the least. Combination of the toddy makes it special.

An Island resort

Another Resort

Canoe ride

We had a six hour package and covered most of the important routes, also doing a bit of water skiing. All in all a great trip.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Begur – A Temple Lost in Time

The View from the Entrance
Not from flickr..taken by kodanda!

I was going through Flickr when i came across the pictures of Begur Temple situated near the Bannerghatta road. When I enquired about it, either nobody had heard about it or like on guy told it’s just near Bommanahalli and not that great. But that didn’t stop me from planning for this visit, as I was really impressed by the Flickr photos.

The Side View

So, with my friend Kodanda and couple of his friends set out on a weekend to this seemingly wonderful place, more so because of the antiquity associated with it of roughly 1300 years. Antiquity is a magnetic attribute which nobody can deny.
We were greeted with a dilapidated road after Bilekahalli on Bannerghatta road, thanks to the BBMP Bangalore. We arrived at the temple after some 15 km from Bilekahalli.

At first i could not believe that there could be a temple 1300 yrs old at that spot which is so infamous only surrounded by upcoming apartments. We stepped into the temple campus to be transported in time to another era. Believe me or not it was awe that kept our mouths open, seeing the architectural and sculptural beauty which has stood the test of time.
The deity of the temple is Lord Shiva with his family. And, the sculptures have vivid depictions of lord Mahavir or lord Buddha don't ask me! We could see the sanctum sanctorum only from outside as it is only open in the morning from 6am to 9am. But, boy it's a beauty. You got to see it to appreciate it.

The Inside of the Temple

There are small temples of other deities outside which is so enchantingly sculptured with the odd abandoned half completed sculpture. And there is a temple well and a small pond in the campus which adds on to the aura.
And, last but not the least there is a lake at the background which augments the scenic beauty.
We spent some time sitting beside the pond, admiring and chatting about the temple and its sculptures and also doing some knowledge transfer to the less inclined. We covered talks on all topics and when exhausted of topics left the place as waiting till evening was not an option. But, had a fulfilling weekend and a satisfied ride back home through the NICE road.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Trip to Melkote..

The Sculptured Pathway around the Temple Pond

The famous pond of the temple called - Kalyani greets you when you reach there and which i think is portrayed in many old kannada movies..The Temple is equally marvelous.

Mantapa along the Pathway

I came to know about this place thru one of my colleagues..He'd been there thru ISKCON. He told me there is an institute or you can say an ashram and a research center for the mother of all languages - Sanskrit..That really interested me, on top of that there are farms which produce herbal products.
But the fact that renders it an aura is but its antiquity..ya you heard it correct.
Melkote is located near Mysore in Karnataka and houses an ancient shrine to Lord Vishnu worshipped as TiruNarayana.This shrine is known for its long standing association with the spiritual leader Ramanujacharya. Melkote is also known as Yadavagiri, yatistalam, Vedadri and Narayanadri.
Legend has it this image of Vishnu was held in worship by Bhrahma. It is believed that the festival image Sampatkumara was worshipped by Rama and his son Kusha; hence the name Ramapriya. Legend has it that Krishna installed this image here at Melkote. Melkote has two distinct temples. The Tirunarayana temple at the foothills and the hill temple to Yoga Narasimha. Legend also has it that the Yoga Narasimha temple image was installed here by Prahlada.

The Temple's View from the Pond

Such was the hospitality of the residents of Melkote that they were reluctant to let Ramanuja leave for Srirangam. Hence, Ramanujacharya made an image of himself and left it behind. It is to be noted that Ramanuja's body in its preserved state is maintained at Srirangam and that there is another image of Ramanuja at Sriperumpudoor near Chennai.
That's all about the legend and the history associated.

Now about the travelogue. We - my family along with my aunt's family started in the morning from Bangalore around 6am and took the mysore road. As soon as we entered Mandya the drive was scenic to say the least with lush green fields on both the sides. 3 hours into the journey and we were at the base of the temple.
We all got out of the vehicle ready to pose for the snaps alongside the big temple pond and the sculptured mantapa and the pathway around the pond. This is just a demo of the skills in architecture and sculpturing of the artisans of those times. It takes you altogether into another dimension.
After taking some snaps, we headed for the steps that lead to the temple. This truly was a gem of a walk to the sanctum-sanctorum..soothing breeze, walking through the carved and sculpted structures is just amazing. We had convos about the history and a bit of leg pulling all along. Everybody liked the scenic beauty with the calm breeze all along.

A Structure on the way up to the Temple

Sculpture to detail of Lord Krishna

Inside the temple the spiritual atmosphere was augmented by the mantra chanting of the ladies. At the top there's also a fort kinda enclosure which is a treat to the eyes and i think might've given the place the name "Melkote".

We offered our obeisances and descended the steps satisfied with the darshana. Were hungry and raring for the breakfast..
Went to the other important temple at the base which also was a beautiful piece of south indian architecture.
There was a light drizzle as we came out and found a small hotel nearby for the much needed breakfast.
Had sumptuous food with the typical south indian touch. The idlis were one of the best you can have and the puliyogare was equally tasty.

View from Halfway

Pond from the Top

Headed to shravanabelagola, the account of which would make this really long, so let me not go into it. Headed from there right back to bangalore and reached home after a somewhat tiring journey.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bike n have Fun..

My Bike - The "ACT 105"

It all started with the proposal from one of my colleagues Kunal. He initiated the topic one day in the office, in one of the after lunch convos. We gathered handful of people and did an extensive research for 1 month. Finally we guys narrowed our options to a few models.
Headed together one weekend and each one picked up their bike according to their personal choices, from the BSA Go showroom in Commercial st.
The one most of us took was a lighter aluminium MTB-21 shift called Hercules MTB-ACT105 which is an extremely good bike.
Started hitting the road to office armed with some basic accessories. Initially i thought as to whether i'd be able to pedal 25 km up and down?! Do i've the stamina..
It all became interesting with a good stretch of rd. which is the old airport rd. It's a stretch with a good combo of up hills n down hills that makes it an interesting ride. And now I do enjoy the ride.
Got mixed looks from the people when i used to carry the bike while in a traffic jam where they used to wait no ends on..
I was hitting the road 1 day a week to start with, gradually shifted up to 2 days. Then, d monsoons came down n although it's kinda reason, have discontinued for about a fortnight.
But went today for the service and was really a joy of a ride.
At the end of the day u get d satisfaction that u haven’t added to the pollution table and have burnt some calories as well.
So lift ur asses and put it on d saddle..There are more benefits than the second thoughts you get! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is Twitter doing today?

I know what we’ve been doing in the last few days, using new tools: Tweetscan -SE for Twitter posts in real-time and Twhirl, desktop client for Twitter that enables you to post from this platform to multiple micro-blogging services: Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. You might be interested in the following mashups, tools, applications, resources that could facilitate your everyday twittering:

- Quotably, makes conversations easier to follow.

-TwitterLocal, another desktop Adobe Air application that lets you to view tweets in your area (city, state, post.code, range of miles and search)

-Twixxer, enables you sharing photos and videos using Greasemonkey script.

-TweetStats, you can graph your Twitter status by hour, month, timeline. Service is a bit slow, usually three people waiting before getting your stats, and you can get amused with proverbs on patience. ah.

-GroupTweet, the concept reminds on google groups but this is micro twitter community made for sending private messages between you and specific group of your friends.

-12seconds.tv, short (12 sec.) video updates with your Twitter friends, for now in alpha version.

-multitweet.com, web based service - Twitter and Jaiku at one page.

-Twitsig, converts your tweets into images. Didn’t try this one.

Also, check out, via, the definitive list of the top Twitter clients and for Serbian readers there’s pioneering article (in Serbian) on micro blogging and Twitter can be read and seen in April ed.of PC press magazine.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


"Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real."


Anyone catching up with the MTB Himachal? I'd love to..

The Golf and the Audi outing!

I'd been to a resort called Eagleton for an outing last Sat from the office which turned out to be quite an adventure. This place's 2 km ahead of Wonderla on Mysore rd. It's got this amazing charm rendered by the stream flowing through the vast Golf fields. U gotta check out guys..
I mean go on a weekend..u knw :)
We dropped in on a day when Audi Golf Tournament was on. Two wonderful Audi's for the top 2 winners - A8 and another one dat Yuvraj got. After all not too much for potting a ball in a hole, eh..?! whatever..
Started off with a cricket match which was low scoring with many thrills n chills, but managed a win with nail biter of a finish. We had quite a no of fights with kundan n his team which coloured it with fun all along..
Then headed for food and eventually jumped in to the pool for a polo game. Tired, got out had a drink in the longe bar which quite nice n warm for some good convos.
Headed straight for some indoor games followed by some team building games n finally again at d pub for some bone tickling convos. Where i n kunal were hellbent confusing a sardarji on no of topics.
Return journey was again kinda gr8 as it was noisy n fun.
That's all folks..