Friday, August 27, 2010


This tour of Wayanad on bike (done on 1st week of May-2010) was organized from our office cycling club called "EcoRiders" of which I'm one of the admins, supported by our Employee Welfare group called "Syntillations" and conducted by a 3rd party called "Muddy Boots" who are trip/tour organizers; be it biking, hiking, kayaking or seeing around and they specialize in the region Wayanad. Incredible group they're with absolute professionalism, well organized and giving the participants a life-time experience of Wayanad like nobody else can!
About the ride - Absolute adventure, fun, frolic and exciting..Wayanad with it's untouched landscape, forest cover and hilly plantations is any rider's/trekker's dream place, which I'd realized in my previous two trips here. Still after 3 trips, I haven't covered some amazing places like Pakshipatalam, Chembra peak and couple of sanctuaries; which I hope to cover in another trip.

Coming to the ride, as the slide-show beneath shows - it was a blend of a lot of exciting things, something like a lot of ingredients which goes into an exotic 'Curry'. And a great experience it was as we rode through all kinda terrains (Village and Mud roads, through the town, along the River, through the Forest, beside paddy fields) to discover Wayanad hidden beauty.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Generations have changed, but man's Egoism has Not.. Even a small overtake on the road hurts their huge Ego!