Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Drive & a Quote!

Had seen this interesting quote on the rear of a car, it goes like this:
"When man kneels, God deals and heals!"

Well this was while returning from a small drive to a getaway near to Bangalore (exactly close to Banarghetta circle), which is a secluded place giving a sense of solitude in true terms..
How many of us wouldn't want to getaway from the monotony of the malls n shopping in the concrete jungle to a quite n peaceful place to rejuvenate ourselves??
I think many, but by d time we escape the traffic pandemonium we lose a good hour or so, which sure doesn't give a pump to the enthu..and we ultimately shelve d plan for later!!

Saturday after the workout in the gym, i and guru were discussing about going for a drive to escape from the madness of the crowded places in Bangalore.
We didn't get any suitable place as all the good places like Savandurga, Mutthati, DD Hills, Shivagange etcetera to name a few were all good distance away..then thought of giving Kanakpura road a try after lunch by 2pm, as it gives a fairly decent drive.
@ around 2pm Jacko called me from Lifestyle. I told him d same n he was ready..he came to my place and the discussion was on, as finding a calm n quite place within a radius of 50km around here is not that easy, courtesy maddening urban development.
He told let's go to a small and silent place near Banarghetta (BG-hereon!), well zeroed in on that and asked Guru to meet us on the way with his car.
We were soon in the car n observing the mad traffic, but thankfully only for a short distance. We were out of the traffic and enjoying the drive courtesy the amazing weather with a light drizzle.
We reached the BG circle in no time and took a right from there to reach the foot of the rock and parked the vehicle. I remember this rock where i'd done a debut mountain ride on my bike last time i'd been here with a group. We started climbing to the other side where the breathtaking view of the sky was awaiting b continued..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bike trip to Savandurga

Some colleagues and me in the office were planning for a long ride for some time. I and Cheitanya decided on Savandurga. But, as the stretch was long we needed some practice in the form of shorter rides. We went around the Varthur lake stretch (45km) on one weekend followed by Pearl Valley on the next weekend (90km), and was sort of nice preparation. We were five for the Pearl Valley ride, but for the final ride of Savandurga were three of us; as the others had some commitments to attend to.

We were determined to go ahead as this was for what we'd done the preparation, so how could we leave it or postpone it..And, Yes we did it successfully! Scintillating and incredible ride considering the major part of the ride was through lush green forests and Manchinbele lake on the way. This sure was fun and a challenging ride, as there were many grueling uphills on the way (we also had fair amount of downhills though!).

We were thinking about a 100mi ride, but nevertheless this 112km ride definitely had a 100mi ride effect; and was a great one too, beckoning for more long rides..

Route : Mysore Rd - Kumbalgod - Ramohalli - Manchinbele - Savandurga
Distance : 112 km
Time on bike : 8:04 hrs
Top speed : 50.4 kmph
Average speed : 14 kmph