Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The mundane and the nonmundane

There's a large amount of mundanity in our day to day life which sometimes is a product of the routine and generates boredom, and other times a product of our inability to see beyond the rat-race perspective. For me mundane things are sometimes unavoidable and necessary but the urge to see beyond and the experience I've there off is wonderful and exhilarating.

I dont have too many opinions and you are likely to stumble upon useless information (which interest none but me), alongwith some which maybe worth pondering as well. And in case you do stop by and find something that has caught your attention, do let me know what you think(…just a comment if that's not too much). :)

The problem lies in the fact that we do not identify the mundanity of life or if we do we do not know how to transcend it. So, as I've mentioned above only if we seek a state beyond the mundane, will we stumble upon how to cross it.
A simple step in this regard would be, asking yourself - "Am I enjoying my routine life?" If the answer was "No", then the next question is - "How can I or What can I do to make it Nonmundane?" When you ask this question to yourself, there will be no answer in the beginning, because your mind does not know what to do. But when you keep asking this a few times, you'll try to think beyond the stagnant daily routine and paraphernalia thereoff.

It could by getting involved in adventure that gives you the thrill and feel of something beyond the ordinary, that you'll cross beyond the mundanity. But the constraint is you can't do it everyday unless-until you make each day a series of adventurous/spontaneus set of events and even see that in par with the adventure sports that gives you a rush. Or be it be as simple as doing your work with a zeal and adventure you've never put into your work. The results will definitely give you a high.

Another sphere I've got interest is fitness, specifically continuously improving it and pushing the levels up. So in this regard I took a step to challenge my mundane lifestyle per se eating habits or workout pattern.

Now, a six pack is quite common to hear these days, but practically not as common to find. And I undertook this endeavor not just to be in trend but most importantly to embark on this journey of self-control over the eating habits and a good test of determination to push myself that extra bit everyday to achieve the same. And did I do it? Yes, of course I did; but then it could be much better and there's a lot of scope for betterment. The goals in this front have to well defined and specific in terms of the diet you follow or the variations you do to challenge yourself and avoid the monotony as well. And ain't it a wonderful feeling if you could remove your t-shirt at the pool or on the beach and cause several jaws to drop?!

Now, whateve your motivation is; even if it is to get a bod like Hugh Grant of Wolverine fame, you gotta enjoy the workout. That's what pushes the level to the next. So, in a nutshell it has to be the watch over the diet (quality), sleep and the variety and intensity of your workout.

Enough of the fitness stuff, onto something more interesting - say something metaphysical/mystical.
If we really want to transcend mundane appearances, states of mind and feelings, then it is essential to first recognize, believe and understand that there is a greater reality beyond the run-of-the-mill appearances, that there are higher states of mind and higher states of consciousness or higher feelings. Then you have to re-orient your life to fully accept and integrate into your being and daily experience these aspects of the divine. It's a long and gradual process though which even builds the patience the virtue we all long for!
What can be done in this regards? Well it could be taking up yoga asanas, breath awareness, meditation in sequence which increases the overall awareness of a person. And this awareness reflects in the day-to-day life and does help to experience the higher states of consciousness.
But most importantly, set aside time each day to align yourself to all these activities and actually do them.