Friday, March 29, 2013

The Pandavas in Exile - wisdom tidbits

The Pandavas in Exile

When the Pandavas were in a forest called Dwaithavana, one day the conversation
turned to their condition. Draupadi mildly objected that Yudhishtira's tolerance,
goodness, compassion and other noble qualities had rather exceeded reasonable limits. She argued that indignation was a necessary virtue of the Kshathriyas who were warriors; she said that the Dharma, which he was upholding, had not protected him. After listening to her, Yudhishtira said, "Draupadi, only we may suffer it we are too virtuous. But if our anger gets out of control, it harms others and us also. Anger is evil; all kinds of calamities result from it. Dharma should be followed for its own sake. We should not expect any benefit from it. "Draupadi was not satisfied with what he said. Bhima also supported her views. They both wanted to raise an army and get back the kingdom by fighting with the Kauravas. Yudhishtira pacified them, and said:

"Bhima, both of you speak in this way because of your sorrows. Ponder over this. I had to take part in the match of dice, because I was bound by the code of kings. Shakuni's deceit was responsible for my defeat. It is our bounden duty to live in the forest, according to the terms we accepted. I cannot give up the path of Dharma just to please you, or to get back the kingdom before the stipulated period. We shall have our good times also. Let us bide our time and fight, it necessary, to get back our kingdom. Humility adds to the beauty of learning; in the same way, patience is an ornament to prowess. "

The Pandavas never stayed in one place for long in the forest. They visited many holy places. Wherever they went, they were warmly received and honored by saints and sages alike. They narrated sacred puranic (mythological) stories. As they listened to the stories Yudhishtira's faith in Dharma was being strengthened; and his brothers were getting mental peace.