Saturday, November 7, 2009

Actions against Climate change!

Ten actions we could take to support the cause:

If you are excited about making the world a little better but don't know where to start...consider starting with a shortlist of what is considered the most powerful actions you could take:

1: Buy A Low Emission, Fuel Efficient Car
2: Limit Your Work Time
3: Buy Less Stuff
4: Buy Products From Socially Responsible Companies
5: Make Time for Loved Ones
6: Eat Less Meat
7: Open An Account At A Socially Responsible Bank Or Credit Union
8: Conserve Energy And Water
9: Watch Less TV
10: Join an Organization You Care About

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rafting in the Ganges!

Rafting in the Ganges refers to where else but Rishikesh-the foothills of the Himalayas which is also known as the Yoga capital of the world.
There was an adventure trip to the north pending since a long time, finally could nail it down with the help of tom-although it took some persuasion from his side and also he had to gather couple of more guys in Sunil and Balaji, both fun n sporty guys.
Our real adventure started right from the moment we landed in Delhi airport! We were to get the last bus to Rishikesh if any, but thanks to Jetlite we reached 15 min late and we had no option but to start in the morning.
So, the plan was to stay in Bala's house and start in the wee hours next morning. We got a taxi from airport to bala'a house which was an old Ambassador, hard to believe to be running; except the horn everything else made noise! But, whatever it may be the seating at the rear was comfortable and thrilling; we enjoyed d drive till d house.
We were greeted by bala's mom and dad in the most hospitable and delightful manner anyone can expect. Reminds me of the importance of treating a guest as per the Indian culture (athithi devo bhava). Aunty had prepared nice sumptuous food and they were waiting for us even after midnight. They saw to it that we were satisfied and went to bed early as we'd to start at 5am the next morning from ISBT.
Reached ISBT by 5.30am and sat for some light food as the eateries at the bus stand had opened for business.
Had some food, clicked few snaps and proceeded to the ISBT of which we'd some expectations.

To be continued...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The thing called "Global Warming!"

Global warming aka climate change is the most widespread word today after globalization. Yes, this may just be another writeup on it from inspirations and real life experiences with an honest intent to make a difference even if its on a granular scale. :)
Conscious or unknowing the society we live in today is causing harm to the environment unabated, which is evident from the climate change and catastrophes we see around us and come to know through the media. Think about time early in the eighties, nineties when we were much more peaceful, valued things and were not drunk by material consumerism as we're today; and do a cross-check on the level of happiness, satisfaction and contentment which we're unfortunately lacking today.
The sustenance of life without material gains and wants maybe out of question, but we definitely can put a check on that by regulating it and differing to lose our identities in the material consumption.
As Eric Hoffer remarked: "You can never get enough of what you don't need to make you happy".
Think as to what extent as participants are we responsible for the destruction of our own biosphere? It's a treasure trove we've inherited where in lies great happiness and potential harmony.
As a matter of fact, the free service which nature does for us if imitated by man through science is roughly estimated at about 35 trillion dollars for a year; and interestingly the revenue of all countries put together sums up to 18 trillion dollars in a aren't we found wanting to preserve the nature which does all that it does for no price?! Well that's what we got to ponder about!
The earth's not endlessly abundant, but we take it for granted. Frugality is the need of the hour and the moment!
When we see around, what we really see is that we've radically altered the Earth, Water, Air; which is exploited and polluted to huge proportions. What we as individuals and countries are doing, is nothing but hastening the condition of our own demise.

Now, comes the basic question everyone asks; what can i do about it? Valid, but if everyone of us instead thinks what can i not do that could help the cause then half the problem's solved. For example, the obvious things like using CFL lights, unnecessary wastage of electricity, over usage of gasoline, thinking before each act - is it going to harm the environment..that'll do as a great start; and amazingly you've taken the first step by thinking what can i do for the cause!
Next dwelve on the cause and follow your passion towards it, so that your mind and soul would show you the way!
We all know the proverb - "Tiny drops make the big ocean!"
As Dicaprio conveys its all hands on the deck time lets make a difference no matter how puny it may look! :)
If we transform from the inside, it definitely would show up in the outside world.
Like inside, like outside...