Thursday, October 23, 2008

Command for linux server model

Was today trying to find out the model of a linux server which was a remote one, and didn't have anybody on the other end at the time to ask for. Didn't know the command and thought there wasn't one. But, stumbled across these valuable info even though may look like a trifle matter which is not unimportant when you need it asap.
Never knew there were so many command options for finding the system info. Some of 'em are:
# dmidecode | grep -m1 "Product Name" --> If you're trying to find the model(HP).
which gives for ex- Product Name: ProLiant DL320s G1.
# hwinfo --short --> Gives the motherboard and hardware info(didn't work on redhat).
# cat /proc/cpuinfo --> i guess most of you might be def aware of.

These are simple commands but give a lot of useful info!


Further to the below info about cyclo-comp, i'd found while searching for it in some blog that it was available from Meerut(U.P.) for about Rs.1195. The 2 advantages i can see are - of it being water proof and having a "cadence" display, which unfortunately mine ain't having.
Let me shed some light on "cadence" for you:Cadence is very simply the speed at which you turn the cranks, measured in revolutions per minute (rpm).
One thing I'd like to point out is that whether you are a racing cyclist, the strongest of the strong, in the peak of condition, is riding an ultra-lightweight machine, with speed as his primary objective; or the touring cyclist, more of a Nature-lover than a jock, somewhat overweight and very tired, is riding a heavy bike with a heavy load, with pleasure as the primary object. This thing would be of use to you!
One thing though, having a geared cycle is important as it'll make a climb easier if any and also you can analyze your performance when on the uphill..:)